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Word on the street:


We talked to car wash companies who've tried the LEAD online manager training, and they're enthusiastically confirming:

  • the value of car wash-focused content
  • the ease and flexibility of the platform
  • the effectiveness of the training and content

Oh... and one other things they told us about their experience with LEAD... it's worth it!


Here are some other actual quotes from owners and managers about the relevance of individual LEAD training modules they had completed.

Effective Training
🗣️ “I enjoyed how to deliver information differently and more generously for different challenging scenarios. When you talk about failures, faults, or improvements it can be very difficult to find the correct words or phrases to say without an intent to harm or insult anybody. Very helpful to see.”

Coaching Hourly Employees
🗣️ “Being a new manager at a car wash it puts in perspective what can occur and how to address it.“
🗣️ “The course was relevant to the experiences in the car wash and I got many helpful tips on things I'm currently struggling with.”
🗣️ “Yes there was plenty of scenarios that were very similar to my work area.”

Building Bench Strength Through Continuous Recruiting
🗣️ “Yes, this entire course has been amazing!”

Coaching: Invest in Improvement
🗣️ “I am always running into situations where I have to help guide my employees to the correct way of doing the job, so it’s great to get some tips on how to do that efficiently.”

Improving Performance Through Feedback
🗣️ “The course was very helpful, the workbook really helped me to be open to feedback and to use it to improve.”

Hiring Well Through Excellent Interviewing
🗣️ “It helped shine a light on the questions that should be asked and what to bring up about the company. I enjoyed this course quite a bit.”

Progressive Discipline
🗣️ “Yes, it helped me find more efficient ways to discipline my team without being overly harsh or mean.”

Team Dynamics and Cohesiveness
🗣️ “This is great. The workbook is a great tool and it helps everyone see the problem or solution better. It helps to make you think more deeply about the issues and the solutions.”


With 22 different courses in the Talent Management domain, these reviews just begin to tell the story of LEAD's value. Your training platform can be up and running in days - with unlimited access for your employees - starting at just $1,200 USD a year. Complete the form below to schedule a personalized LEAD test drive.